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We are an innovative, professional and experienced outdoor event and festival management agency that has been in operation for over 10 years. During this time we’ve both created and developed some of the most successful, large-scale events in the Liverpool City Region.
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Orb Outdoors


We are an innovative, professional and experienced outdoor event and festival management agency that has been in operation for over 10 years. During this time we’ve both created and developed some of the most successful, large-scale events in the Liverpool City Region with a combined attendance of well over half a million people and achieving big things for our clients in the process.


Our knowledgeable team will take you through a process of project planning, event design and implementation of your ideas to create a safe, well-run and successful event that’s delivered with the utmost professionalism. We’ll help you to produce that memorable outdoor event and leave visitors in awe!


Do you have a new project that you’re looking to explore? How about an existing piece of work that you would like to develop and take up to the next level? You can read more about what we do best below.


Project Management

Whether you’re running a food & drink-focussed event, market or maybe even something that in-part requires a street food and bar offer, like a music concert or festival – we have a huge database of traders and creative solutions to designing a mouth-watering offer.


We can advise you on how to use this to really sell your event – as well as keeping people fed and watered! Worried about the admin? We can take care of full-service concession sales management through to booking & programming celebrity chefs and kitchens for demos. And what’s more, we’ll take care of the paperwork and all on the day management to make sure it’s safe and legal!

Are you a promoter with a new event idea, or do you run an existing project and want to look to develop it in the future?


Well we can offer a whole range of services to support you on your journey.  From full-service project management and overseeing all aspects of the planning, implementation and delivery – to managing specific areas of the project like production, site design, staffing and health & safety. We can do all the ground work with local authorities and venues; produce feasibility studies, event plans and so much more.

Who doesn’t love a good market? Whether it’s a retail focussed offer with lots of makers, crafters, artisan producers and independent businesses; or whether it’s a food and drink focussed event with live entertainment to create that unique and special day/ night out to remember – we have a whole range of experience and expertise in producing these events on behalf of our clients.


It can become a bit of a minefield when running large events and markets. But rest-assured that we can see your job through from start to finish, making use of our extensive connections and experience to make sure you put together a winning event.

Full project management for outdoor events is something we’re particularly known for. We first of all sit to consult with you on the ideas around your prospective event, identifying all the relevant details. We analyse this to devise a strategy that’s going to work for you – before moving through to assess it’s feasibility. Next comes branding and PR strategy, sales, planning, procurement and anything else you can image to get the event ready for delivery!


Before delivering each event we’ll review our final sets of plans, manage the build and derig as well as evaluating how it all went. It’s a full-service for a reason… why not check our previous work here? 

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Planning and Production

Before beginning on any project, we always advise people to come and see us to explore their ideas and see if it’s something that we’re both comfortable working with. It’s all about getting to know us more and looking at your existing project plan or event idea with a critical eye; playing devil’s advocate to explore it’s strengths, weaknesses and look for opportunities to develop or any threats to your potential successes.


So we’ll always invite potential clients in for an informal, free consultation first – before submitting a proposal for you to review.

Our consultation process is the first stage in developing your project and brings us up to the point where we can spend some time checking the feasibility of your ideas. Is the event strong enough? Are you targeting the right audiences? Do you have enough money to start off with, or does it raise enough capital to cover costs? These are just some of the questions we’ll get you to ask yourself and it’s all about feeling strong and confident in pushing forward with your project – creating a viable and sustainable plan of action.


We will use this time to produce a full feasibility report that analyses and evaluates all areas of your project – including lots of information on how we’d like to do things like developing any creative; market research, setting project timelines or milestones, allocating roles & responsibilities and producing sound costings/ financials. It’s all about getting prepared and setting some clear targets that we can use to measure the success of your event project, informing the approach for future work.

Once you’ve got your initial plan in place, we’ll then work with you to move towards implementing on it! From arranging further site visits and map out how things are going to work or look; to developing event documents, buying in all your relevant services from suppliers and managing those contracts and your project’s budget to guarantee a professional delivery.


Our team will collect all of the relevant documentation and insurances to ensure that we meet and exceed the industry standards and we’ll help you to produce a safe, quality and well-run event. But regardless of all of the background work to make sure that your production will be of the highest standard – we have a strong creative approach to each new piece of work and we’ll guarantee a totally unique and outstanding approach. With unique sound and lighting design, to videomapping, site dressing and so much more. 

The title does what it says on the tin with this one – planning and production services will get things good to go through full and thorough plans for your outdoor event involving our core team, suppliers and partners. We’re here to get things organised and to co-ordinate and facilitate!

Production services are all about taking your event to the next level in terms of atmosphere, look, smells, sights and sounds. It’s really one of the most exciting parts of our work. Why not check out what else we’ve done around this theme?



Do you need support with developing a security plan? How about crowd or traffic management? We’ll help you to put a watertight brief in place and engage with quality and trustworthy suppliers who’ll deliver on what’s required.


Initial planning at the start of the project is all well and good, but you’ll need to constantly review those plans as things progress and make sure that the right things are in place for delivery. So let us walk you through the process and don’t miss a trick!

Do you have anyone to oversee and deliver on the build of your event site? Who’s putting out all the fencing, furniture or other manual tasks on site? How about actual event managers with running roles, or staff for ticket gates and bars?


Same goes for this aspect of the event and making sure that you’ve got the right personnel in place to guarantee that safe, quality and well-run event.

Once it’s all over at the end, how did things go? What worked well, what didn’t work so well? How can we learn from looking back at the planning, implementation and delivery of the project to make things more successful and better run next time around?!


It’s all about reviewing things from an internal perspective and by looking at the experience for clients, partners, traders and suppliers right across the board – and identifying steps that we can take next time around to really take it up a gear.

As we cater to a range of all clients – if you’re an organiser that’s just looking for support around the delivery of an event or existing plan, we’re here to help. We can bring together plans for event staff and wider management. We can also look after a wide range of event analyses and evaluations to try and give you a unique look back at your event that you might not have had before!

Why not find out about some of our previous work here?